My name is Gianfranco Zanardo. I was born and raised in Venice, Italy. In 2003, I moved to Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada, where I now reside.

I learned my craft from well-established, master Venetian mask maker "Baster." He taught me the art of antique Venetian mask making,
a passion that has been in his family for generations

I hope you enjoy looking at my masks as much as I enjoy making them!

If you need a mask for Hallowe'en, a masquerade ball, a private party, or any other masked event, please send me an e-mail. I import and make authentic Venetian masks in many styles and colours, with feathers or without. Most masks are wearable but others are for display. I also make authentic Commedia dell' Arte masks, Venetian theatre masks. We are located in Victoria, BC., Canada, but we can ship to anywhere in the world! I also make masks to use as decorations in your home.
The Venetian masks
Pantalone: The Venetian Mask
Pantalone: The Venetian Mask